DIY Floating bed with led strip

DIY Floating bed with led strip

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Firstly this post will be little bit different from the others on my website. For a long time I like this DIY idea, so i decided to make something. I have enjoyed creating things since childhood, therefore there is something special in it for me. I bought new apartment so I needed a lot of stuff. The apartment has a very small bedroom of 8 square meters. Consequently space must be very good organised. We figure it out that the largest bed that can fit is 185 cm x 140 cm. So we searched for the ideas on the  . Hence we find the best solution for us. Finally that solution was the floating bed with led strip. Since there are a lot of different ways how to make it, we made it on our own way. 

Creating 3D model (CATIA V5)

So our idea was shaped in CATIA V5 software. Hence we will write one post about it, and even more about how to control Product with parameters. To sum up, here are the pictures of the model. 

Of course model is very adoptable, so you can only change parameters of mattress and everything will change. Certainly there are a lot of other parameters  to change if you are more demanding. Evidently you can see more on the video below. 

Making the bed

After the modeling phase, we ordered all necessary parts. Of course we prepared everything such us: dimensions for the plywood and 2D drawing for the carrier.  Therefore here are the results. 

So there are 5 Carriers to make bed float.

I believe that this floating bed frame is very stable. Thicknes of it’s outside panel is 36mm and of inside is 18mm. 

First you need to connect carrier to the visible bed panel with 6 screws (15mm length). Outside panel thick is 18mm. 

After that we connected inside and outside floating bed frame. Thus connection is made with 5 carriers, 3 on the longer side and 2 on the shorter. So we used M10x60mm screws.

Hence we got fully assembled floating bed with 2 panels 16mm thick under the mattress.

In conclusion there is the end result of the floating bed. 

Floating bed

Also we added led strip for more comfort.

Floating bed with led strip

Finally we made full documentation with all phases. First phase can be seen here, but for the other the payment is required.

Floating bed frame drawing

Download 3dxml model and full documentation

ONLY 4.99$

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