CATIA shortcuts

CATIA shortcuts

Use CATIA shortcuts so you can be faster and avoid mouse moving. 


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Using this post, we made new video to show you power of shortcuts. We are sure that you can be 5% faster or more. Also, with shortcuts you can focus more on your model. 

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Certainly, almost every program has some sort of shortcuts. Therefore we can say it is an important thing to use. CATIA has a lot of shortcuts out of the box. But you can also put yours. 

EscapeAbort the current process or exit the current dialog box (when there is one)
F1Open Help
F3Structure tree out or insert (Toggle specification tree display on and off)
F9Toggle Hide/Show
F10Toggle Swap Visible Space
Shift+F1Context assistance (Get help on toolbar icons)
Shift+F2Toggle the specification tree overview on and off open an overview on specifications tree in a new window.
Shift+F3Structure tree activate around e.g. character size to modify (activate the graph if the model is active and inversely)
Shift+Arrow LeftShift+Arrow RightRotate to the left / rotate to the right
Shift+Arrow UpShift+Arrow DownRotate upward / rotate downward
Alt+F8Macros start
Alt+F11Visual basic wordprocessor
HomeDisplay the top of the graph
EndDisplay the bottom of the graph
Ctrl+Page Up/Ctrl+Page DownZoom in / zoom out the model or tree whichever is active
Ctrl+Arrow RightCtrl+Arrow LeftPan model to the right pan/pan model to the left
Ctrl+Arrow UpCtrl+Arrow DownPan model to the top/pan model to the bottom
CTRL +Shift+Arrow Right / Ctrl+ShiftArrow LeftRotate the model clockwise / rotate model counter-clockwise around Z-axis
Ctrl+TabSwitch between the different windows
Ctrl+NNew document
Ctrl+OOpen document
Ctrl+SSave document
Ctrl+PPrint document
Ctrl+FFind/ Search
Ctrl+X/Ctrl+C/Ctrl+VCut / Copy / Paste
Ctrl+F11Go to Preselection Navigator
Page Up/Page DownRelocate graph one page up / relocate graph one page down
Arrow Up/Arrow DownRelocate the graph 1/10th of a page to the top / to the bottom
Arrow Left/Arrow RightRelocate the graph 1/10th of a page to the left / to the right
Alt+Shift+Arrow Right/ 
Alt+ShiftArrow LeftROTATE the model
Ctrl+DActivate fast multi-instantiation tool in assembly design workbench
Ctrl+EActivate define multi-instantiation tool in assembly design workbench

Defining own CATIA shortcuts

Above all best practices for making CATIA, shortcuts are to set shortcuts for constantly used tools. I work a lot in Part and Sketcher, so I’ll write mine shortcuts for those environments.

First for the Part environment:

Alt+QPaste special
Alt+ABoolean Add
Alt+SChange sketch support
Alt+RBoolean remove
Alt+CMeasure tool
Alt+VFit all in
Alt+1Normal view
Alt+2Define in work object
Alt+3New Body

The best practice is to use just some of CATIA shortcuts at the beginning and learn it. After that, you can add even more. I use the combination with Alt but you can use Ctrl also. During modeling, I always have my left hand on my keyboard using these shortcuts. 

You can use the same shortcuts for tools in different environments like Part and Sketch.

Sketch shortcuts:

Alt+1Normal View
Alt+3Low light
Alt+4Exit Workbench

Read even more about CATIA tips and tricks here.

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