CATIA macro programming

CATIA macro

We can all learn basic CATIA macros and use them in our daily work.

CATIA macro productivity,new part catia macro
CATIA macro productivity

Introduction in CATIA macro

 A CATIA macro is a typical script or program for speeding up processes. If you catch yourself doing the same things, it’s the place for a macro. When you know what to speed up it’s not that hard to try to write a macro. If you have a good level of modeling knowledge I think it’s a good time to start programming. I know it’s a very hard and long path but you can make it. I hope so this website will help you. You can ask anything about macros or you can propose a theme for the post. 

How to create CATIA macro

CATIA macros are created by two primary methods: 

1. Macro recorder  ( you can see on this link how to do it)

2. Write custom code with the macro editor (see more here)

If you are interested in the creation of CATIA macro inside Visual Basic you will need both of these methods. With Visual Basic you will get real and beautiful applications. Visual Basic is a must to learn because it has many more possibilities and it’s much easier to create CATIA macro.

Personal experience

This is a very good definition of CATIA macro so now you can understand what macro finally is. I have been working for 5 years as a mechanical engineer. Because of that, I have seen a lot of repetitive tasks. CATIA macros can be a very good replacement for the boring processes so you can bypass a lot of mistakes by using them. 

In some period I started making simple CATIA macros. Those CATIA macros helped me a lot in simple boring tasks. Therefore I started learning how to make CATIA macros in VB. That was very hard to do because you can not find on the Internet a lot of info about it. Learning CATIA macros is hard because you must be very persistent. I tried to make some of them a hundred times. The purpose of this web page is to help you, so you can learn CATIA macro more easily. Even more, u can visit the Eng-Tips forum or StackOverflow to find more good stuff to use.  

If you want to start programming CATIA Macros in VB you can download Visual Studio for free on this link

Above all, I made this web page to sell my VB macro application with a lot of integrated CATIA macros.

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