Fix Ghost links

Fix Ghost links

I have some ideas on how to fix that. They’re not very good ideas, but at least they’re ideas! Adam Savage


Introduction to Ghost links

Ghost links are some sort of links left from deleted documents in CATIA. There are many ways how you can create them against your will. Most common scenario happens when you copy something with link from one part to another , and then you delete that part.  They are definitely something you don’t want to have in your model. Consequently  they can corrupt your documents. Also they can slow performance such as;reading, writing and updating. There are two basic ways for them to appear:

  • Added and deleted documents and
  • Renaming documents.

Sometimes you can have models with ghost links, but sometimes you don’t. A lot of companies have some sort of checklists in which one of the tasks is to clean up ghost links. For example VW is one of them. Because of that there are some tools like Validat and CATDua. You can read more on this link about that. These tools can help you a lot to clean Ghost links but in most cases they are not enough. 

Locate Ghost link

To solve this problem, first you need to know that you have ghost link in your model. I tried to find website or blog about solving this problem. Regularly you can find only forums with questions how to fix it.

So, there are more ways to find ghost link. Message at the end of the loading process of your model is first and most obvious way. In this case CATIA will inform you that you have missing part or product etc. This is very easy to handle, you just need to go to desk and replace that missing part, or you can find that part in the tree and if you don’t need it you can delete it. 


Second way to locate ghost links is with desk option. With desk you can find a lot of ghost links, but not all of them.


At the end the most efficient way for ghost links location is with Send To option. I prefer only this option, because it is so powerful. Accordingly to that we will use only this option further. 


Fix Ghosts links

So, how to clean up your model from ghost links? It was very hard for me to find the solution for this problem. Solution is very simple on this way. I call it elimination method. So every model has own assemblies or parts. Best option is to delete a half of your model, and then check in send to for ghost link. If its not there anymore you know that in that deleted half model is your ghost link. Then you can insert that deleted assembly (half model) and delete half of that half and so on. With this method you will found in which part is that ghost link. Things can be more complicated so you can have 10 ghost links or more, but procedure is the same. Just delete assembly by assembly and you will find that part. When you find that part with ghost link, you will need to find which link is left from some other document. It can be some body with link, axis, line, point etc. You can see more in the video below.  

Ghost link

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