Powercopy and macro connection

Powercopy and macro connection

Have you ever think how to take advantage and get the best out of powercopy and macro. Therefore this post is just for you. 

powercopy and macro


A powercopy can be any set of CATIA features. It can be very simple, like  one body and pad, but it can be very advanced too. You can make very advanced powercopies with a lot of elements, even rules and tables.  We will not define macro, because we wrote about it on this post

First of all if you don’t have a lot of knowledge about powercopy and macro this can be very useful for you. Powercopy is very powerful to use and even more easier to make. For powercopy you don’t need to have programing knowledge.  On the other hand, if you have a basic programing knowledge you can make very powerful stuff with combination of powercopy and macro. So in this post we will show you how to make powercopy and macro and how to make a connection.

Making powercopy

We can say almost every model in CATIA certainly have some sort of holes. There are two ways to make them. So you can do it manually for each part or you can use powercopy. With power of powercopy you can easily be organized and fast. Also you can share it with team. Using same powercopy by the team you will get a lot of advantage. Every part in every model will have same structure. Let’s make one very simple powercopy.

You need to open new part and enter name for it. In this example we will use holes_powercopy. You must define inputs for powercopy. We will need axis system and one plane as inputs. Now you need to make holes for screw head and for thread section but everything must be connected with inputs. It’s easier to make video for this. 

In previous video we created simple powercopy. Besides that you can see other possibilities. You can also add parameters and relations, insert table for screw dimensions and so on. Powercopy can have very complex geometry with lot of inputs. When you insert powercopy like I did in video, you need to do something. For example remove that SREW_HEAD body from PartBody and make publication for SCREW_THREAD.   You can do this manually but also you can record simple macro to do that for you. This is very practical because that names of bodies are identical every time. 

Connect powercopy and macro

Let’s insert powercopy again. Add body and make publication with macro instead of manual recording. If you want to read more about recording macro you can do it on this link

Add-on for VB code is making error it converts “&” to “&”

This is recorded code with small edition. You don’t need to understand all of the code to use it. On this way you can make a lot of small macros and combine them with powercopies. 

I think this is very useful thing to know because it can help you to be faster and more organized. Make your powercopies and macros for time save. 

Also you can check my YouTube channel CATIA Tutorials 

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