New body CATIA macro tutorial + free code

New body CATIA macro tutorial

This post is about basic CATIA programing knowledge.

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In this tutorials section I will post simple macros, so you can learn some basic stuff. In this first post I will talk about basic stuff, like how to record macro and make some changes. The best way to learn how to make macro is to record one. Also you can record more than one and then join them into one complex. To record macro go to Tools/Macros/Start recording and after that select CATScript and Start recording.

Important rule is when u recording macro to not make unnecessary clicks. So let’s make macro for inserting new body. I will insert new body and this action will be saved so we can stop recording after that. You will get this cod.

Variable declaration

This new body CATIA macro code is very simple so you need to understand it first. Sub CATMain() is main function, it always go on the first place of the code, in the end you have End Sub for end of that main function. Inside of this function you have code for making new body. Dim is used for declaration of variables. You need to declare variable before you use it. After declaration you need to set value for the variable.

 In my case partDocument1 is declared as Document, but it can be named differently. You can give names like TestDocument, Test or whatever you want to set. Value of variable partDocument1 is CATIA.ActiveDocument, it means that this variable is active document. It can be any active document like part, product etc.

In the same way we define part1, first we declare it as Part and then we set value for part. Part1 is CATIA.ActiveDocument and in the same time CATIA Part. Here you can see that tkind of active document is very important. You will get error If you try to run this macro in the product. In the end we declared body as part1.bodies. Also u can write just one declaration like bodies1=CATIA.ActiveDocument.Part.Bodies

Editing macro

 At the end when we understand this recorded new body CATIA macro code we can change if for a bit. For example we can add name of the body and for loop to create more bodies.

Add-on for VB code is making error it converts “&” to “&”

We made just simple changes, we use simple for loop and name property for the body. In this case we can’t control this for loop, to do that we must use InputBox.

So nothing is changed, we still getting 10 bodies, we must say our Loop to go to that input number.For end I will make one more change. We will also input name of body and use it for increment bodies name.

Final code

Add-on for VB code is making error it converts “&” to “&”

 This is our final new body CATIA macro, you can just copy-paste this code. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Check my YouTube channel for more cool videos CATIA Tutorials  or section on this site for free macros.

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