CATIA macro publication + free macro download

CATIA macro publication

With this CATIA macro publication application, you can publish more elements at the same time as bodies, lines, etc.

catia macro publication


Publications in CATIA are one of the most important things. It helps you to connect your model. You can’t work on serious models without publications. So if you don’t use it, please stop here and watch this video first Publication example. That was from a modeling perspective, from a macro perspective it’s also important. If you want to make advanced macros you must integrate publications in the code.

Free CATIA macro publication

Publications are very important for complex models. Hence we want to show you simple CATIA macro for them. The publication part is very important. First of all when you make complex macros. So it’s very important to know how to make it. Also, you can read more about problems with CATIA publication on this forum post. We took just one code from this post. Because of similarity with this CATIA macro publication. 

Add-on for VB code is making an error it converts “&” to “&”

This free CATIA macro has two buttons and one list of items. So if you want a similar app or code you will need also multiple selections. You use it when you select bodies. So then that goes to the list. Even more, when you run the macro it will publish any element from this list. In this case, it’s more like two separated macros connected with this list. So we just use options inside VB. For CATScript you must use one macro. Also, you must use array to make this happen.  

This is code for multiple selection pallet. 

You can download it for free and use it.                                                                                                 

If you have any issues feel free to contact me.

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If you are not familiar with CATIA publication you can see this video. 

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