Copy with link CATIA macro

Copy with link CATIA macro

Organize your work and be faster up to 10% with this copy with link CATIA macro!!

Copy with link CATIA macro
body copy catia macro

So this is demonstration of copy with link CATIA macro from more instance of same part. First of all with this macro you can copy more bodies from one instance. Also it is not important if it’s body is published or not, because this macro will do it for you.

Best option for this macro is that you have defined part tree structure for main part and main structure tree for the test part, but it can work without it also. In contrast to this macros, good practice is that you define basic structures for all models. For this act you can also use macro. 

Copy with link CATIA macro is perfect solution if you want to organize your work or you  work on big models. Finally this macro is very fast and can save a lot of your time on projects. 

So if you are interested in this macro please contact me.

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